Art as a form of meditation


Dorian Villa is a Romanian artist, born in Bucharest in 1984. He is expressing his art through digital means as well as paintings.


Originally a composer and songwriter, Dorian  also produced scenography for local theaters and was commissioned several artworks in acryl, oil, print making, sketching and other mixed media. He has established his notion of “the future of Art”, which encompasses multiple mediums and methods.


These mediums entail elements of digital art, classic and neo-modern and painting combined with high-end technology. This may be an intermediate step into the actual future of art or a direct transition into a fully digitalized modern era.


Being heavily influenced by the Asian culture in all its forms, Dorian is expressing in his work the complex human evolution from the creation of the cosmos and the wonders of nature to the physical embodiment of man’s creations. The latter in unison with the spiritual world surrounding us, reveals the after world in a most powerful and inspiring manner.


Dorian believes that we can achieve spiritual evolution through meditation and thus our journey in the spiritual world is an evolution towards our mental fulfillment rather than a step towards an ending of our physical existence.


According to him: “the search for the meaning of existence should comprise of evading the norms and patterns of materialistic life as we lead it and instead focusing on art as the ultimate form of meditation”